Spiders and Mice!

Anyone else have trouble with the eight legged and four legged things getting into your house this time of year? We live in a very old farmhouse and there’s hundreds of ways for all these little pests to sneak their way in to find a warm place for the winter. While our cat Sadie does a pretty good job with the mice, I still like to try to find alternate ways to keeping the little buggers out! And I’ve found one that works great and is so simple!

Spiders and Mice both HATE peppermint!


I have had great luck the last two years with putting a few drops of peppermint oil on some cotton balls and placing them around the house in areas I know are problems. For us it’s the kitchen, the downstairs bathroom, and the front part of our living room. It’s a great bonus too that your house smells heavenly, but you do have to remember to freshen the cotton balls up every once and while to keep the smell strong.

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